We use only high-quality natural diamonds in all of our creations.
We buy our diamonds from the same reliable and reputable source, Grunberger Diamonds.

Grunberger Diamonds is a fourth-generation diamond manufacturer from Antwerp, Belgium. They are specialized in Excellent Cut with Hearts Arrows. Since Grunberger Diamonds sources the rough and manufactures all in-house, it allows full traceability of the diamond making process.
Grunberger Diamonds also adheres to the Kimberley process.

All our diamonds are Excellent Cut: ideal proportions for diamond cutting, giving maximum light and fire to the diamond.
All our diamonds are Hearts and Arrows (Hearts and Cupid in Japan): in order to create this pattern, you need perfect symmetry in the diamond, which will translate into more brilliance. A special H&A scope allows you to see within the diamond the pattern 8 hearts on one side and eight arrows on the other side of the diamond.
Our in-house gemologist checks stone by stone making sure they answer to the highest quality standard of the industry.
Our diamonds are traceable and are traded under the Kimberley process: this process makes sure that the source of the rough is non conflict.

The heart and cupid pattern in the diamond

The 4 characteristics of a diamond

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